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Working In The UK – How I Made The Move With Raven Medical

Working in the UK – How I made the move with Raven Medical

Originally from Greece, I wanted to move to the UK to be closer to friends and family. I approached Raven Medical as they had a variety of interesting jobs available and had an impressive reputation.

The process of finding the right job took didn’t happen over night, with several exams and site visits required to find the best job in the best location. Shym helped a lot by listening and understanding why the first job offered wasn’t for me and then suggesting the perfect job. He really was able to grasp what I was looking for in a job and had the right contacts to know and research for me.

The registration process could be confusing at times – the GMC was easy, the Performer’s List was a little more difficult. Everyone at Raven Medical was supportive during this process which was very encouraging.

I absolutely love living and working in the UK, specifically the NHS. I have lived here previously so the culture wasn’t new as such. However, working for the NHS was new to me and has been very eye opening, people are very flexible and so friendly.

If I had any advice for other doctors thinking of moving to the UK, be patient, it will be so worth it! You need to remember, everyone is here to support you and help you settle into your new role. Raven Medical were very professional and supportive. They helped me with every step of the process to ensure I made the right decision.

Looking to work in the UK?

If you are a Doctor looking to move to the UK, please contact us today and one of our expert recruitment consultants will get the process started. Either email: or Call: 0844 986 9784

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