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Five Reasons Why Indian Doctors Want To Work For The NHS

Five reasons why Indian doctors want to work for the NHS

The doctors we recruit to UK hospitals from across India have many reasons why they want to work for the NHS – but some are better known than others.

Progression & Permission

Overseas doctors know that, in the NHS, there is a real chance to grow professionally and achieve career progression to consultant level. The exposure to training, CESR opportunities and access to varying specialties is also very attractive. In addition, many Heads of Department in Indian hospitals are happy to allow their doctors to come to the UK, as they know the knowledge and experience they gain there will be incredibly beneficial to the Indian health system in the long term as some doctors chose to return home after a number of years.


Regardless of the recent press coverage around “winter crisis” or visa hold ups, the NHS is still widely regarded as one of the best health systems to work for in the world – especially by the candidates that my Mumbai-based team meet every day.  Many talk of working for the NHS being their “dream.” Indeed, having NHS experience on a resume is highly valuable and recognised around the world, opening up a lot of opportunities in the future.

Familiarity & Appeal

However, a question I often receive is why these doctors pick the NHS over other advanced health systems from around the world. Opportunities in other areas, such as the United States or the Middle East, may seem appealing or lucrative, but do not have the same lure of the UK for several reasons. The USA, for example, is a very different health system, being one of the only countries in the world that does not offer universal healthcare coverage. In addition, the US does not recognise the previous work experience or level of achievement of overseas doctors. In America, all applicants must start at junior resident level, whereas the NHS simply requires a GMC accepted post graduate qualification and will then accept a doctor based on their prior work experience. Although these other systems have their benefits, they are simply not as familiar or accessible as the NHS and, as a result not as attractive.

Regulations & Restrictions

Similarly, many commentators also point to the Middle East as having an attractive and well-funded health system, where doctors can earn a lot of money and live an ideal lifestyle. However, there are other issues to consider such as the huge restrictions on earning property and also new tax reforms in the UAE, which will also affect earning potential.

Location, Location, Location

Lastly, the UK also provides a lot of variety in both rural and more urban healthcare settings for doctors, which many find attractive, especially those with families. Contrary to popular belief, not all overseas doctors want to work in London! In fact, while many of our candidates enjoy the buzz of the capital’s hospitals, others specifically request to work in smaller cities or towns so that they get more exposure to consultants and training that they may not receive in a busier London setting, as well as an overall better quality of life. As such, we often find ourselves placing doctors in outlying Trusts from the capital, where the opportunity for progression, work-life balance and earning potential can often be better.

Looking to work in the UK

If you are a Doctor looking to move to the UK, please contact us today and one of our expert recruitment consultants will get the process started. Either email: or Call: 0844 986 9784

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